Thursday, December 22, 2005

eh hem.... 62

hate hate hate

ok, the guy scores 62 vs the 61 dallas put up by the end of the 3rd. dallas is 8 -2 now (4th in the west) with both losses coming to the lakers (kobe hit them for over 40 the other game ftw!). how can you have an assist when your entire team is watching you go off and passing you the pass to cause major damage. not to mention that kobe was playing D and rebounding like a beast. he shit 31 on them...excuse my fucking language....30 fucking 1 shots, and hit like 22 of 25 free throws...each one he deserved after being mugged by at least one maverick. even double teaming him off the ball didn't prevent the inevitable.

all i have to say is that was one of hte greatest sports performances i've ever witnessed. keep in mind he didn't play the 4th because he ENDED the game in the 3rd putting hte lakers up by 30.

say no more, don't argue. i don't care if shaq put up 61 against the crap ass clippers on his birthday(or david robinson against the crap ass clippers, or elgin baylor when he scored like 72 and the lakers scored over 160 (yes, this is a double parenthesis but do the math.) )
this was history...plain and simple, a man toying with some little children.

he fucking outscored another team through 3 quarters and decided the game at that point!

ahrahwejadalsdnlaksdsada! can't say enough...very pumped, especially cuz the enitre team played D..

only downside, Ko-B(LaRon Profit) is done for the season, very sad....hopefully making way for the superhero Ronny Turiaf..