Tuesday, November 29, 2005

no energy. get them a red bull!

getting down by 10-20 points in the first quarter was the MO for the the lakers championship teams of the recent past, but this squad will not have the firepower to bring it back when it counts. kobe is putting on an amazing display on both O & D, but we need a team that can follow his example. I'm glad to see lamar working hard, and i see alot of promise in so many of the lakers. the problem remains in phil's court, can he get this young and talented group to compete the whole 48 minutes, and give them an actual chance to learn what it takes to secure the win.

i'm sure they have a plan, and i'm sure that will mean roster changes. i'm just not getting any kind of a clear picture which way this team is headed. or course, just fandangle KG to wear the purple and gold and i'm saying instant success. the question is...is kupcheck 1/10th of the man jerry is.


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