Monday, October 24, 2005

first looks

so far i like what i see. kwame has put on some man-weight and looks to be a serious matchup for the rest of the leagues power fowards. he's starting to look more like eddy curry i just hope his heart holds up betters than ed's. lamar running the point has been exciting, he's not as skilled as magic but it still brings some flashbacks when i see the 6'10 odom going coast to coast. he's likely to play every position except center this year. even devean george looks like he's back in form. injuries and lack of playing time really took the wind out of his sails, but his inspiried confident play in preseason is more than we've seen in years. and kobe...well he's kobe scoring 25 in 27 minutes without having to handle the ball as much. put us down for 45 wins this season and maybe sneaking into the 8th spot in the playoffs.

as far as their D, its hard to say. although they have been playing inspiried, phil keeps them in a full court press almost constantly so teams have time to adjust and break the press. it seems phil wants the lakes to get in as many reps on press D as they can before the season starts. when the games count, a little juggling of the defensive concepts will hopefully make that press mroe effective. especially if we zone up with lamar, brown and mihm all hovering around the hoop in a 2-3.


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