Thursday, December 22, 2005

eh hem.... 62

hate hate hate

ok, the guy scores 62 vs the 61 dallas put up by the end of the 3rd. dallas is 8 -2 now (4th in the west) with both losses coming to the lakers (kobe hit them for over 40 the other game ftw!). how can you have an assist when your entire team is watching you go off and passing you the pass to cause major damage. not to mention that kobe was playing D and rebounding like a beast. he shit 31 on them...excuse my fucking language....30 fucking 1 shots, and hit like 22 of 25 free throws...each one he deserved after being mugged by at least one maverick. even double teaming him off the ball didn't prevent the inevitable.

all i have to say is that was one of hte greatest sports performances i've ever witnessed. keep in mind he didn't play the 4th because he ENDED the game in the 3rd putting hte lakers up by 30.

say no more, don't argue. i don't care if shaq put up 61 against the crap ass clippers on his birthday(or david robinson against the crap ass clippers, or elgin baylor when he scored like 72 and the lakers scored over 160 (yes, this is a double parenthesis but do the math.) )
this was history...plain and simple, a man toying with some little children.

he fucking outscored another team through 3 quarters and decided the game at that point!

ahrahwejadalsdnlaksdsada! can't say enough...very pumped, especially cuz the enitre team played D..

only downside, Ko-B(LaRon Profit) is done for the season, very sad....hopefully making way for the superhero Ronny Turiaf..


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

no energy. get them a red bull!

getting down by 10-20 points in the first quarter was the MO for the the lakers championship teams of the recent past, but this squad will not have the firepower to bring it back when it counts. kobe is putting on an amazing display on both O & D, but we need a team that can follow his example. I'm glad to see lamar working hard, and i see alot of promise in so many of the lakers. the problem remains in phil's court, can he get this young and talented group to compete the whole 48 minutes, and give them an actual chance to learn what it takes to secure the win.

i'm sure they have a plan, and i'm sure that will mean roster changes. i'm just not getting any kind of a clear picture which way this team is headed. or course, just fandangle KG to wear the purple and gold and i'm saying instant success. the question kupcheck 1/10th of the man jerry is.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's why the PIston's won?

From an otherwise boring exchange between Bill Simmons and MArk Cuban:

"Last summer, I showed the league how the Pistons got a huge advantage vs. the Lakers because the officials were calling advantage based on player vs. player rather than team. So when Kobe got bumped on the perimeter, he had the advantage on his defender, but it was enough time for help to come and contest shots. That led to the removal of contact on the perimeter and the increase in scoring."

Too late for the Lakers.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

man oh man

For discussion purposes, is Kupchak the worst GM in all sports, or just basketball?

And, is this the year we can finally stop using "if" and "potential" when talking about Lamar? He's mediocre in everything but rebounding and its not going to change.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

i say screw this season. "the white shadow" comes out on dvd this tuesday, and it's enough basketball to last the year. favorite character? warren coolidge.

Friday, November 04, 2005

1 - 1 how quickly that fantasy ended

the suns had more down the stretch and handed us our first loss of the season. the lakers looked pretty good throughout with another good effort. i especially liked smush parker's D on Nash. You just don't see Nash's pocket picked like that very often, and never multiple times. Maybe we finally have the guy who can slow down the fast guards(no more making otny parker look like an all star).

Thursday, November 03, 2005

1 -0 (81 more wins to a perfect season)

what a great season opener taking on denver, a team slated to contend for the conference title. kobe always comes to play when he's in denver, so you knew he was going to drain that shot. i enjoyed a solid defensive effort by the team besides the many back door breakdowns. ball pressure was good in the full court sets, and there was a definite effort that was lacking a year ago. hopefully each game will bring some improvement and the lakers will be this years sleeper.